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Friday, December 12, 2008

Behind the Scenes: How the BBS Will Work

Well, the NiteTyme BBS is going to go online for a test session sometime in the next week, and I'm going to show you how it all works.

The Model 100

The 'server' is the Model 100. It is technically a server because it is 'serving' the content to everyone who calls. My Model 100 is running the BBS100.BA BBS client for the Model 100. (You can find that program at ftp://ftp.whtech.com/club100/tel/bbs100.ba for the actual program and ftp://ftp.whtech.com/club100/tel/bbs100.do for the manual). The Model 100 is connected via 25-pin serial (cereal. mmmmmm.) port to a serial modem.

The Modem

The Modem is a 1200 baud SmarTEAM 1200AT with auto-answer/dialing and pulse/tone dialing modes. I'm not sure what baud rate to use, I'm thinking I'll go for broke and use 1200. This modem is connected to the Model 100, and allows it to connect to the remote (person dialing in) computer.

The Connection

Unfortunately, the computer is nowhere near a phone line jack. Great. I'm going to get past this 'little bump' by hacking a broken (dialing circuits fryed) wireless telephone into a wireless telephone jack. I am going to remove the speaker and microphone from the handset, as well as the push-button keypad. I will then have a handset with four bare wires and a transmitter/receiver. These wires will be hooked up to a female telephone jack which will be glued onto the phone, and then plugged into the modem. I will then remove all of the circuitry from the base except for the transmitter/receiver, and it will plug into the wall. I will then be able to hook my computer wirelessly to the wall. I will be following this project in my posts, so check bask often!

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