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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A small update, with a side of fries

 Good heavans. I'm doing an appalling job of living up to my origial promise of 2 posts a week. I guess in the world of vintage computing there isn't much in the way of news.

For one, I would like to belatedly congratulate Ron Wiesen for his recent win of the 27th Model 100 Programming Contest with his amazing program.

Secondly there's a rather major development that recently happened: I got my server up and running.
Currently, the server is a 500MHz Pentium III running Windows XP SP3, and can be found at retro-net.ath.cx, which brings me to the name: The Micro 100 Retro-Box Network, shortened/styallized simply as [..RETRONET..] . I have HTTP, FTP, IRC, and a Quake I dedicated server. It's pretty slow to load images, but I'll be upgrading it soon (hopefully), as well as adding a Synchronet telnet BBS (perhaps the failed Nytetyme project could live on), getting my domain set up (retro-box.net), and setting up an email server with username@retro-box.net.

The way that affects this blog is that it will be a little more varied, with some modern computers stuff as well as some older computer stuff, and links to my youtube videos at RetroNetVideos.