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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A small update, with a side of fries

 Good heavans. I'm doing an appalling job of living up to my origial promise of 2 posts a week. I guess in the world of vintage computing there isn't much in the way of news.

For one, I would like to belatedly congratulate Ron Wiesen for his recent win of the 27th Model 100 Programming Contest with his amazing program.

Secondly there's a rather major development that recently happened: I got my server up and running.
Currently, the server is a 500MHz Pentium III running Windows XP SP3, and can be found at retro-net.ath.cx, which brings me to the name: The Micro 100 Retro-Box Network, shortened/styallized simply as [..RETRONET..] . I have HTTP, FTP, IRC, and a Quake I dedicated server. It's pretty slow to load images, but I'll be upgrading it soon (hopefully), as well as adding a Synchronet telnet BBS (perhaps the failed Nytetyme project could live on), getting my domain set up (retro-box.net), and setting up an email server with username@retro-box.net.

The way that affects this blog is that it will be a little more varied, with some modern computers stuff as well as some older computer stuff, and links to my youtube videos at RetroNetVideos.


  1. Those of us who originally subscribed with Google Reader know you've posted because it is very patient. I suspect those who clicked on a link to read it back in the "two posts a week for sure" days might have fallen by the wayside.

    Rick K5FNI

  2. Bro why would you run Windows on a server :~P You should use some distro of Linux.
    Also you should check out Google Apps - 10 free eMail accounts in Gmail format per domain. Used to be 50, but they recently downgraded it to 10. 7 gigs of space, not bad.

  3. I'm actually hoping to add a second server running Debian here this upcoming weekend, assuming I can fix this overheating issue it seems to be having. I use Google Apps for everything, and it works brilliantly.


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