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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random goodies...

Club100.org, one of the best Model 100 resources in the webosphere, is jam-packed with dozens of interesting stories, features, programs, and documentation. Down towards the bottom is a little section entitled "News -&- Stories", with a subsection "Stories with Photos". In this subsection are many interesting stories like the Monthly Computer Meeting at Melo's Pizza, photos of Club 100 at the Computer Show, how Rick restores Model Ts, Model T and Model Ts, and a whole lot more!

There are also some interesting software and hardware projects that haven't been heard of in a while, I'll list some of them here, and a complete index of all hardware projects can be found at the Bitchin100 wiki.


Very cool! The venerable old operating system: CP/M on the Model 100! MTCPM runs on Remem, and the soon-to-be-released REX2, providing some software compatibility with other CP/M computers. Very neat!


This is something that has been rendered unneeded by the NADSBox, but is still a cool concept. A device that allows one to connect a regular IDE hard drive to the Model T bus, and then write and read to it.


Used to be produced and sold, the Mikrokolor is a color/graphics interface for the Model 100, giving you a larger screen and COLOR! Unfortunately, the Mikrokolor is no longer produced.

That's all for now, several interesting little bits and bytes of information for ya!

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