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Monday, March 2, 2009

ComputerHumor #7

A customer called in. After pulling up his case, I realized that this was his fifth call to us over the last two days, all regarding the same product. He was trying to add a 3D accelerator card to his system and could not get it to work. He had spoken to us four times and to his computer manufacturer twice. It was still not functional.
Customer: "I hope you can help me out. I have made several calls now and cannot fix this problem."
Tech Support: "Well, I'll see what I can do. So, I am seeing here that the card is not being detected by your computer. Is that right?"
Customer: "Correct. When I boot up, Windows never detects the card. Previous techs had me run the 'Add New Hardware' wizard, and we checked the device manager, but there wasn't anything there."
Tech Support: "Ok. Have you tried putting the card into another slot?"
Customer: "What do you mean?"
Tech Support: "Well, if for some reason the system does not see the card in this slot, perhaps putting the card in another slot will help."
Customer: "How do I do that? Do I have to take it apart?"
Tech Support: "Yes, you will have to take the case off."
Customer: "Ok, just a second.... Ok, the case is off now."
Tech Support: "Do you have any more PCI slots free?"
Customer: "I am not sure."
Tech Support: "How many PCI slots do you have in your system?"
Customer: "Umm...eight."
Tech Support: "You have eight PCI slots in your system?"
Customer: "Yes."
Tech Support: "How many white PCI slots do you have?"
Customer: "Ummm...five."
Tech Support: "Ok. Of those five, how many have something in them?"
Customer: "One."
Tech Support: "One? And is this the accelerator card?"
Customer: "No. Oh hey, is that card I got supposed to fit into one of these slots?"
Tech Support: "Yes, that's the idea. Where is the accelerator card currently?"
Customer: "Well, it comes with that small black cable, so I have it on the outside of the computer, hooked up with that cable you sent with it."
I walked him through the install process, and everything was fine. This was his seventh call to some form of support, and the card never even made it into the computer. Sigh.

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